The product national standard "air filter" meeting
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The product national standard "air filter" meeting

2018/08/02 11:11

On the afternoon of January 18, 2016, the national standard "air filter" GB/T 14295 was revised and the first working meeting was successfully held at the China academy of architectural sciences. A total of 40 participants from domestic research institutes, colleges and universities, design institutes, production and manufacturing enterprises and engineering application enterprises attended the meeting.


Ring can court Zou Yu China construction science research institute on behalf of editor in chief, vice President of the unit to harangue, standard quota of housing and urban-rural development department standard product place Huang Jinbing director on behalf of the department in charge of standards and congratulations on the establishment of the drafting group and thanks.


The national hvac and purification equipment standardization technical committee zhang jing has read out the list of team members, and the establishment of the establishment. Later, the first working meeting of the establishment group was chaired by xu zhaowei of the China institute of architecture science and technology.


Zhi-chao wang, director of the need to be solved in the process of standard revision background, the establishment of the nine key problem (counting efficiency and PM2.5 filtration efficiency than, filtration performance grading, should the dust performance, energy consumption evaluation, air filter, electrostatic elimination process, test conditions, temperature and humidity range, electrostatic filter produces, the limits of the ozone in the air filter of repeated use, cleaning and other special functions and requirements (fireproof performance, high temperature resistant, bacteriostatic), etc.) a brief introduction.


Preparation of group member state environmental protection equipment quality supervision and inspection center (jiangsu), hayes special materials (suzhou) co., LTD, suzhou huatai air filter co., LTD., guangzhou industrial microbial test center, honeywell environmental control products (tianjin) co., LTD, suzhou times Ann electronic technology co., LTD., Shanghai jie as environmental technology co., LTD., tsinghua university, institute of chemical defense, the love of beauty, the air filter (suzhou) co., LTD., Apollo, shunde district, foshan city, environmental protection equipment co., LTD., dandong net filter material co., LTD., Mr (China) environmental purification co., LTD., nanjing day and air conditioning equipment co., LTD and other units on behalf of the "air filter of PM2.5 filtration efficiency and counting efficiency of the existing differences and relations", "how to accurate quantitative evaluation of air filter dust capacity performance", "chemical fiber filter with electrostatic eliminating processing methods and performance requirements", "static class filter ozone generation control and limit", "air filter energy consumption evaluation method" and "how to improve the filtering performance rating" and so on had a heated discussion.


Zhejiang Dun 'An Artificial Environment Co., Ltd, the TSI group China company, Zhejiang sea environmental technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, rhett environmental technology Co., Ltd., dandong day hao purification materials Co., Ltd., guangdong midea hvac equipment Co., Ltd., hebei in conway, environmental technology Co., Ltd., dongguan city, yu jie new material Co., Ltd and other units on behalf of the emphases and difficulties of the standard and also suspects one by one in this paper, the opinions and Suggestions.


Dai, from the China center for disease control and prevention, attended the first working meeting, and combined the current technical development and social needs to make recommendations on standard revision work.


Finally, prepare the group according to the key and difficult problem to be solved in the preliminary planning determines the division of tasks and standards, and plan to in the second quarter of 2016 standard work compiled by the second meeting.


National standard GB/T 14295 "air filter", according to the national standardization management committee comprehensive [2015] no. 52 officially included in the formulation of plans (project number: 20152040 - T - 333), and the competent of housing and urban-rural development, the national hvac and purification equipment standardization technical committee to manage to be responsible for preparing the unit such as China construction science research institute.